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Alexis is a wellness practitioner offering a variety of holistic stress relief therapies to private and corporate clients.


Both private and workplace wellness sessions available include Kinergetics, Reiki, Mindfulness classes and Crystal healing.


Each modality assists clients as an individual, in both their personal and corporate lives by encompassing all aspects of health (physical/emotional/mental/spiritual) in a holistic, rebalancing and profound way.



“My passion is to help you become everything that you are not. You are not your fear-based beliefs, illness, negative thoughts, blockages, self-sabotage, past hurts or traumas. Working with me is about healing from the inside out. It’s peeling back the layers, unpicking your programming and becoming conscious of the unconscious patterns, suppressed emotions and beliefs that are running your life and not serving you in a positive way. In doing this, you will get to reconnect with your authentic self, create a different reality and live a life that comes from the heart.”


Coming from a background of working in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer for over 12 years, Alexis discovered there was more to health than just the ‘physical’ aspect of training and eating healthy food. The role of thoughts, beliefs, emotions and how important they are in contributing to a clients habits, success, overall health and quality of life, became more apparent.


It was then that Alexis started her Reiki training in 2010 at Perfect Unison and completed her Master level in 2012. Having learnt through Reiki how the integrity of the body’s energy field can be impacted by our emotions, it only made sense to combine energy healing and Kinesiology and completed her Kinergetics course in 2014 through Precision Healthcare. 


From her own personal journey of exploration, experimenting with a diverse array of alternative therapies, completing several short courses (including EFT, mindfulness etc), as well as finding great joy in helping others, Alexis has always wanted to work with people to bring about the same life changing expansion she has experienced. Whether it’s relaxing Reiki, re-balancing Crystal Healing or the transformative Kinergetics, Alexis aims to facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance in her clients and their lives.


Alexis ties together the wonder of the spiritual and metaphysical world in a very grounded, modern day approach. By releasing stress, suppressed traumas, trapped emotions, unconscious programming/conditioning, fear-based beliefs and unprocessed life experiences, you will learn how powerful the emotional/physical connection is within the body, and how these, if left untreated, can contribute to the metaphysical causes of illness and dis-ease.


Through using the techniques of Reiki, Kinergetics and Crystal healing as well as doing the inner work and starting your own journey of awareness and self-discovery - it is possible to create a different reality. A reality that strips away the coping mechanisms and false sense of self, and in turn, opens up a world of health, inner peace and self-empowerment. These healing techniques will help you uncover your true identity, allow you to discover and interact with the world through a new lens, and bring you back into alignment.


Do you suffer from emotional or physical pain? Is there an unresolved or reoccurring health issue that you need fixed? 

Do you ever feel “stuck” in the same cycles in life (financial, relationships, career, weight loss/gain, addiction, diet/exercise), wondering why you keep attracting them, even with the best of intentions? 

Kingergetics has the power to transform every aspect of your health and life.

Do you feel flat, out of sorts and low on energy?  Have trouble sleeping?

Would you like to relax, feel calm and decrease the stress/anxiety/depression in your life?

Do you have a medical condition and want to feel better while supporting your health care? 

Experience the stress relief that Reiki can bring to your life through gentle and relaxing energy healing.

Do you feel stressed and find it hard to focus and concentrate on one thing at a time?

Is your mind mind whizzing around at a million miles per hour with scattered thoughts?

Have you ever driven home and realised you don’t remember getting there? 

Would you like to feel calm, centred and focussed?

Mindfulness can help bring your awareness into the present moment so you can experience life as it happens.

Are you feeling tired, lethargic or experiencing  poor sleep?

Do you often feel "out of whack" or scattered during your day? 

Would you like to de-stress and help soothe your nervous system?

Or are you feeling emotionally blocked and stuck in life?

Crystal healing can help you to feel grounded, relaxed, energised and focused again. 



Call, email or submit the form to find out more or to enquire on bookings.

+61 413 310 476

Thank you! Alexis will respond as soon as possible.

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