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"About 2 years ago I started having profoundly bad TMJ and jaw pain from grinding my teeth at night. It became noticeably worse over the year and led to a mouth guard, and countless pain medication prescription. After I had absolved myself of all possible recourse, I began to worry it would never go away. At its worst, my jaw would lock, for 24 hours, which not only hurt beyond belief, but was genuinely frightening.  I could barely speak or eat when it would lock. My periodontist had prescribed me muscle relaxers to take when my jaw would lock and recommended switching back and forth between hot and cold packs on my cheeks. By that point I had given up any hope that I would ever get well.

On a trip to Mexico with friends, I met Alexis. It was a particularly bad stretch of days of severe 9/10 pain. I'm pretty sure I was taking around 8 Ibuprofens a day the week before. When I mentioned my plight, Alexis recommended I undergo Kinergetics with her to try and fix it. I had never heard of it before, curious to experience something new, but fairly certain there was no way it could have a meaningful impact. I couldn’t have been any more wrong.


Alexis and I met for two sessions over 5 days but already after the first session I felt a huge difference. The aching was gone, my jaw felt more relaxed and my headaches were gone. She was able to pin point exactly where the pain was coming from and knew how to relieve it simply through Kinergetics. I would be lying if I said it wasn't borderline miraculous. The terrible fear I had every day, the constant worry that something would trigger my TMJ and lock my jaw, was gone. It wad almost as if it had never happened."


Alexandra N, 27, New York City

- - -

"I came to see Alexis as my 4 year old had been struggling with eczema since she was a baby. I had exhausted every avenue of conventional and plenty of complimentary medical therapies too, but really didn't know or understand anything about Kinergetics. Initially I was grateful that I could undergo a treatment (as a surrogate) to help my daughter without actually having to subject her to seeing 'another practitioner', and I kept an open mind despite my lack of understanding of the therapy. Any doubts I may have had quickly subsided, when I saw the benefit for her and myself.


What won me over was being told when I would see an improvement in my daughter and having that time frame met to the day. Lily was in the middle of a particularly bad flare, head to toe, incredibly itchy, inflamed and generally miserable with it. We began to see improvement exactly when we were told we would, the inflammation began to ease as did the itch and her sleep improved. We are very grateful to Alexis for helping when nothing else was working."


Sarah M, Sydney

- - -

"I found Alexis to be incredibly professional, intuitive and wise. Despite the initially unconventional process and a delicate personal matter I came to resolve, she made me feel hopeful and at ease. Despite grappling with my condition for years - and numerous doctors visits - I had no respite - until I met Alexis. I felt a huge shift after my first treatment and after my third, my condition was completely gone. I am extremely grateful that I came across Alexis's process and believe more people need to know about it. Quite simply, she changed my life."


Alina B, 33, Sydney

- - -

"A friend referred me to Alexis when I was feeling really stuck and having trouble moving forward after a difficult personal situation. From the first session, I found Alexis to be insightful, empathetic and extremely professional. I found that after my sessions with her, I felt clear, calm and able to make better decisions without getting stuck in old emotions and patterns. I feel calmer and happier and so many areas of my life have fallen into place since seeing her. Thank you Alexis, I really appreciate all your help."


Sarah E, Sydney

                                                                                                                            - - -

"I started having long distance over the phone sessions with Alexis about 6 months ago now and it has quite literally changed my life.


I was skeptical at first and was unaware of what kinesiology and energy healing actually entailed. It soon became blatantly obvious to me that this was incredibly powerful and something I really needed. I have found my sessions with Alexis extremely transformative and cathartic.


Through her various techniques and modalities Alexis for the first time in my life made me aware of my patterns of behaviour and helped me understand what beliefs had been drastically holding me back. To take this information and find yourself back in your life, in certain situations and to display a new level of self awareness and therefore restraint has been one of the most profound things I’ve ever experienced. 


I have sessions with Alexis on a weekly basis and aside from the major transformation and growth I have experience whilst working with her, I genuinely look forward to our weekly chats about life. Alexis is an incredible person and I feel bullish about what life has to offer with her on my team."


Matt Holmes, 32, Perth



"Last year, during winter, I came down with pneumonia and ever since I have struggled to feel healthy. I get sick regularly and constantly feel exhausted. After becoming frustrated with seeing doctors week in week out I decided to seek alternative methods to fix my health. I also have a very busy job and a 6 year old son so am constantly on the go with my mind racing at a million miles per hour.

I already knew Alexis as she is my Personal Trainer and I knew that she was a Reiki Master so I asked Alexis if she would commence Reiki sessions with me. I had never had Reiki before so really didn’t know what to expect but was willing to give it a go.


After my first Reiki session with Alexis I felt extremely relaxed, calm and at peace. In fact, I don’t remember ever feeling so at peace in my life. My mind was free of thoughts and my body completely relaxed. My husband even commented that I looked very peaceful and relaxed...he thought there was something wrong with me! I found that post my first session I was sleeping so much better, I continued to feel calm, even at work under high pressure situations and had a lot more energy. I couldn’t wait to have another session.

I now have continuing sessions and definitely believe that Alexis has helped me to get my health back on track. Alexis has a fantastic holistic approach to mind, body and wellbeing and I will definitely be continuing my sessions with her." 


Melinda B, Sydney


- - -

"I was rather sceptical of trying Reiki at first, but after going through a tough time in my life, I decided to give it a go. After my first session with Alexis, I found it fascinating that she could read my body and the things she “felt/sensed” were so in line with the issues I was having at the time. I felt a massive weight lifted off my shoulders each session and it was an incredibly relaxing and eye opening experience. I would recommend Reiki to anybody who needs some stress and emotional relief."            


Georgie D, 34, Sydney

- - -

Journalist Anna Warwick reviewed the treatment in Australian Women’s Fitness magazine. She says “Alexis created a turning point for me by releasing blocks in my energy that had held me back in certain areas of my life for quite some time. After the beautiful Reiki experience, and Alexis’ analysis of the treatment, I was able to surge forward into a truly positive place, and this momentum had a cumulative effect – I have never looked back!”


Anna Warwick – Journalist



"I used to suffer from bad anxiety and I always felt stressed and as though my mind was all over the place. I felt quite out of control in my life and really frazzled. It wasn't until I started seeing Alexis, that things started to change. She taught me simple ways to anchor myself and bring my thoughts back to the present moment. If I ever feel really stressed and out of control, I now take a few minutes to centre myself and it has made the world of difference to me. Thank you!"


Teresa H, 40, Sydney.


- - -

“I came to Alexis when I just wasn't feeling like myself and didnt know why. I had never used crystals or tried crystal healing before, but I was pleasantly suprised by how I felt after the session. I will definitely have another session. ”


Tara A, 43, Sydney

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