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Experiencing stress, anxiety and fear, paired with emotional upset such as conflict, loss or an accident, is common place these days. All of these emotional upsets wreak havoc on our body’s energy system, which can result in physical manifestations such as illness (emotional/physical/mental) and disease.  

Reiki is an incredibly relaxing holistic stress relief therapy, which helps heal the body on all levels. 


If you feel like you are out of balance and desire increased energy levels and vitality, better sleep, a calmer nervous system, relief from emotional or physical pain, relaxation or a more centered sense of self, Reiki can help you. 


Alexis currently travels between Sydney and Forster. When she is in Sydney, she treats private clients in Willoughby and some Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays in Bondi at Solstice Skin. Distance/online appointments are available anytime.


Client at home visits are available within the North and Eastern suburbs of Sydney and are subject to price increase.


Sessions run for up to 1.5 hours and are $200. 

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