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The workplace is a space where limiting self-beliefs, self sabotage and stress can all trigger an individual, create employee conflict and affect performance and productivity. 


Kinergetics is a very effective tool when used in the workplace environment. It can help achieve a positive corporate culture change by working with staff to truly reach their full potential as an individual and as an employee.


Corporate sessions are available during work hours, in the North and Eastern suburbs of Sydney. Exceptions can be made to travel to alternate suburbs/locations. Appointments run for 1hour. 


Kinergetics sessions can be run as an ongoing service (weekly/fortnightly or monthly), or as a one-off event, such as a stress-busting day to promote wellbeing of staff or to reward a team for their performance.


A quiet and private office space or meeting room is required.


Payment options include a day rate for companies or a session rate for employees.


No admin required, sessions are booked directly through us.


Please contact for more information and prices/packages.

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