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Do you ever find yourself feeling “stuck” in the same cycles in life (financial, relationships, career, weight loss/gain, addiction, diet/exercise), wondering why you keep attracting it or not moving forward, even with the best of intentions? Is there a condition or illness you suffer from that won’t seem to go away? Do you find yourself in negative fear based belief systems or thinking patterns without awareness as to why or how they came to be? Have you experienced some sort of trauma (physical/emotional/mental/spiritual)? Do you feel that there’s something holding you back from reaching your true potential?


Kinergetics is a an amazing tool and healing modality which can assist you in shifting, releasing, transforming and realigning your energy, thoughts, emotions and blockages, in order to move forward in any area of your life.


Alexis currently travels between Sydney and Forster. When she is in Sydney, she treats private clients in Willoughby and some Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays in Bondi at Solstice Skin. Distance/online appointments are available anytime.


Client at home visits are available within the North and Eastern suburbs of Sydney and are subject to price increase for travel time.


Initital sessions are $250

Follow up sessions are $230 for 1.5hrs and $250 for 2hrs.

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