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Work is an area where many of us experience our greatest sense of personal development. We’re rewarded when we perform well and motivated to keep honing our game. For high-performing individuals, it’s natural to want to do the best job possible. In order to do this, however, one must have mental clarity, focus and a calm mind. 


Mindfulness practice is the kind of training that can act like a force multiplier, benefiting not just the individual employee, but the entire work force. 


One on one and small group mindfulness classes are available during and after work hours for Executives, leadership teams, development groups and employees of any level in the North and Eastern suburbs of Sydney. Exceptions can be made to travel to alternate suburbs/locations. 


Sessions can be run as an ongoing service (weekly/fortnightly or monthly), for a half/full day workshop or as a one-off event staff wellbeing day. 


A quiet/private office space/meeting room is required.


Please contact for more information and prices/packages.

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