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How often do you find yourself feeling stressed and overwhelmed, doing several things at once?  When was the last time you could just “be” and not “do”? 


As a society, we currently face many challenges to true happiness. People are incredibly stressed out. We are not managing this stress, and we are constantly being distracted. There’s so much in our external environment to pull us away from the present moment — phones, emails, TVs! — and there are so many thoughts in our internal world that we spend much of our day on the train of thought without even realizing we ever boarded it.


We experience our greatest joy when we are present and attentive. Mindfulness sessions help us by giving us a powerful set of techniques and practices that help manage those stressors skillfully and creatively to experience present moment awareness. Happiness is here and now!


One on one mindfulness sessions are available from Willoughby and Lavender bay, for at home visits (North and Eastern suburbs of Sydney) or from a peaceful outdoor park location. Sessions run for 30 and 60 minutes. 

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