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It is estimated that at least 85 to 90% (if not more) of all physical problems have psychological roots. We all know that tension can cause headaches, fear can causing breathing restrictions, nervousness can cause sweaty palms, heartbreak can cause your heart to physically ache etc. It is clear that there is a definite relationship between our emotional and our physical self. Our emotions affect the physical body and our emotional healing has the potential to go a long way towards physical healing.

When first learning about physical illnesses and the emotions connected with them, there was confusion as to why a certain emotion would go to a specific organ, system or place in the body (ie. anger being held in the liver, grief and sadness in the lungs, fear in the kidneys, etc) and the reason for this.

It wasn’t until coming across Caroline Mein’s book 'Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils' that it all started to make sense. It is all about understanding energy and frequency.

”Since each organ has a vibrational frequency, as do emotions, the emotions will settle in an area with a corresponding frequency.”

In other words, all physical manifestations start at the energetic emotional level.

If you think about it, disease or DIS–EASE occurs when there is an unbalance of some sort in the body. Like everything in the world, your body has its own flow of energy, which you may have heard in Asian cultures as Qi/Chi, which can be translated as life force or energy flow that sustains living beings.

Traditional Chinese medicine states that the body has natural patterns of qi that circulate in channels called chakras. These chakras act like little computer chips and have a memory of all of the negative emotions associated with events/core beliefs/upbringing etc that happen to us over our lifetime. In traditional Chinese medicine, symptoms of various illnesses are believed to be the product of disrupted, blocked, or unbalanced qi movement through the body’s meridians/chakras, as well as deficiencies or imbalances of qi in the organs.

If you were to mentally/visually video stream your life from as young as you can remember, until now, there would be certain moments which you would pause at and know have affected you, and which you still carry that emotional scar.

Where would YOU press pause at? If you could skip an experience(s)/event/person in your life what/who would it be and why? It's normally the hardest things to think about, that are the things you need healing the most.

Unfortunately, we live in a time of abuses, addictions, prescription drug dependencies, single parent families, random violence etc. The effects of these troubles are far-reaching for most people. In some situations children are raised in less-than-desirable family situations (which include divorce, neglect, various forms of abuse etc) and a variety of disturbing emotions are the result.

In trying to cope and not knowing how to process these tumultuous emotions the subconscious then suppresses them deeply inside of the body. Even under the very best of home and growing up circumstances, as a result of our parents, family dynamic and hierachy, we each pick up emotional garbage and beliefs that do not serve us well. As children we did not have the capability and maturity of perceiving situations correctly and so we were vulnerable to first misunderstanding and then locking our incorrect beliefs within our bodies.

As if that’s not enough – on top of that, are inherited negative fears, self sabotage, emotional beliefs etc from our parents, to pile on to the emotional garbage heap. To add to this, there are the ones we add on a daily or weekly basis if we have not yet learned how to appropriately process our emotions.

In the short term suppressing emotions may serve to help a person’s well-being. It may be the only way of coping at the time. In the long-term, however, these suppressed emotions will come back to haunt you in some shape or form. Possibly in the physical manifestation of disease/illness and most definitely in the effects it has on your behavior, the way you view yourself and interact in the world.

In order to restore the body's health and energy systems, there are a several different energy therapies that can help unblock, re-balance and restore the energy flow. One of these, and it's amazing benefits, is Reiki, and will be covered in the next post.

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