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The powerful and intense full moon energy is an excellent opportunity to release what no longer serves you, let go of what you no longer need in your life, as well as any aspects of youreslf that you have outgrown.

Setting your intentions during this time is a way of telling the universe that you are ready to let go and make way for new and amazing opportunities to emerge and come to you.

During a full moon, the energy is amplified and strong, so you don't want any negativity around when setting your intentions. Burning sage or Palo santo clears/cleanses your energy field and space, so it's a good time to get that out to start the process. I like to do this before I sit down to start my intentions list.

Setting your intentions:

Out with the old, in with the new! You will need to get a pen and a piece of paper and write down what is currently no longer serving you. It could be a frienship/relationship, a job, an attitude, a self limiting belief, an old identity, a behaviour, frame of mind, situation etc.

Be grateful for the good and bad. Acknowledge the lessons and know that whatever you went through was essential for your emotional, mental and spiritual growth. Let go of the past and be ready to welcome new beginnings.

I like to start with "On this full moon, I wish to release on all levels, anything that no longer serves or resontates with me including the following..."

Once you have written your list of what you would like to release, then it's time to write down what you want to manifest and draw into your life. It could be love, prosperity, career success, whatever it is you desire.

Don't forget to write your intentions from an "I am" so that it comes from a place of already having what it is you desire. Words hold very strong vibrational qualities, so be VERY specific and precise with your intentions. Write them with strong faith, love, and a knowing that they are already on their way to you.

I like to begin my intentions with "My intention to the universe is to manifest the following into my life..."

Remember to trust in divine timing. What is meant for you won't miss you, and what misses you wasn't meant for you. Everything happens for a reason and eventually falls into place, even if it doesn't feel or look like it at the time.

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