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Suffer from Arthritis or Fibromyalgia? Know someone that does?

Calcium needs magnesium to be assimilated in the body. When you are held in a stressed state 24/7 of fight/flight/freeze/survival (due to past or present physical/emotional/mental/spiritual TRAUMA) it causes MASSIVE magnesium wastage/deficiency.

This non-availability of magnesium creates excess calcium in the body, which deposits around the tendons/in the joints leading to arthritis, and in the muscles, leading to fibromyalgia.

Medical testing will now show calcium deficiency because it cannot be assimilated. Taking calcium usually makes the pain worse, because the problem is calcium assimilation.

To get to the cause and help ease the painful symptoms, you need to first get a Kinergetics practitioner to address/clear trauma and TMJ, which are creating the magnesium deficiency and calcium excess in the first place!.

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