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Suffer from allergies? Moody or easily teary? Have digestive issues? Experience weak immunity, poor neurological function, thinning hair or acne/rashes?. As previously discussed, minerals in water are assimilated better than minerals in food. Adrenal/kidney stress and dehydration (as a result of trauma and fight/flight/freeze/survival mode) create mineral deficiency, especially magnesium and zinc, which are both critical for digestion. Zinc is the most important trace mineral for a healthy/strong immune system, wound healing, cell division/growth, DNA repair and is the body’s defense against allergies and viruses. Severe zinc deficiency affects stomach acid (HCL) production/pH, our ability to kill bacteria/parasites/viruses that enter with food, complete food digestion and assimilation of all minerals, including Zinc. Medical doctors may give drugs to counter allergies and viruses and naturopaths may give Zinc and other mineral supplements, but if the body is in flight/fight/freeze/survival mode, then nothing will work to the full effect! Again, it’s like trying to fill a bathtub up with no plug in it. Get to the root cause and trigger of the deficiency - TRAUMA first, and then start your supplementation and healing!.

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