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We all know we need to get our cars serviced regularly if we want to keep it running efficiently, just like we feel the need to renovate parts of our home when its in decline, but are you aware of when YOU may need an energy "tune up"?

There are many factors that can affect and deplete our body's bioenergtic frequency, including things such as stress, toxins/toxic food, negative thought patterns, EMR, trauma (emotional/physical/mental/spiritual), parasites, surgery, negative people in your life (energy vampires), negative experiences and emotions. These all contribute to disrupting our energy flow more than we realise. With how busy life can be these days, you may be missing these signs that it's time you book yourself in for a session:

1. You suffer from disease or chronic health conditions:

Have you been diagnosed with a disease, experiencing symptoms which doctors are unsure of, or dealing with conditions such as stress or fatigue, headaches, tension, digestive issues, that you are told are "normal" to have? Remember, everything begins on an energetic/emotional level. Suffering from disease and health conditions can mean that there is an underlying energetic imbalance in your body's energy field. releasing negative feelings, blocked energy and restoring the flow of energy in your body, can create relief of illness and disease.

2. You feel out of balance:

Not feeling like yourself? Do you ever get a nagging feeling that something isn't quite right inside or that you are out of whack? I have definitely experienced this a few times in my life! Maybe you’re feeling too emotional, crying for no reason, or alternately, maybe you don’t feel in touch with your emotions, and feel flat or unmoved when good or bad things happen.

3.You feel stressed out:

Do you find it hard to switch off even during down-time or when it’s time to go to sleep? This can be a clear indicator that your system is wired and on overdrive. Over time, whether its emotional, physical or mental stress, it becomes very taxing on your body and can ultimatley manifest in many ways ie. becoming ill.

4. You are going/just gone through a major life change:

Experiencing a health challenge, a recent break up, moving to a new place, or changing jobs, and feel stuck or having trouble moving forward? These key life events can be traumatic and very taxing on an emotional level, decreasing your bodies life force energy.

Energy healing/Reiki helps balance and shift your energy, and this shift allows you to get in touch with yourself in a deep, profound way. As a Reiki practitioner, I don’t heal people. Rather, the Reiki session enhances your access to yourself, and the healing unfolds from this inner connectedness. Have a question about Reiki? Send it my way and I’ll answer it for you.

We well

Alexis x

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